Jul. 14th, 2015

Today I spoke with my mom's doctor who said they were unable to manage her fever with three strong IV antibiotics but was still talking about transitioning her to oral meds and sending her home on Thursday. That seemed wrong to me. If strong IV antibiotics can't control whatever infection is causing the fever, how are we supposed to manage it at home when she can't swallow pills?

At the nurses shift change yesterday, Sherrie heard them say Mom had been admitted with Sepsis due to extreme constipation. That's the first we heard of sepsis. If that's really Mom they were talking about and not some other patient, it explains her rapid failure.

Two days ago, when she was in her altered state, she refused food saying "I'm going to be dead in three days!" Now she has slipped into a coma with labored breathing. I'm having my dinner and heading to the hospital to join my sister at her bedsde. We both think the end of the ride is approaching. We think Mom had a premonition.



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