[Error: unknown template qotd]Yes, I am. With asthma and allergies controlled by medications and steroids that list "colds and flu" as side effects, I'm high risk for complications so of course I'm worried. When the CDC raised the pandemic rating to 5 yesterday, I emailed my instructor and did not attend class last night. My friend who teaches there is very ill and still didn't have her test results back. Two high schools in our area were closed yesterday after students tested positive. I already fight paranoia in my daily life, doing my best not to give in to it. Things like this put me over the edge. I'm still going to work doing IT tech support but I'm doing my best not to actually touch people's keyboards and mice. Soap and water are my friends.

My doctor last fall insisted I get a flu shot. She was genuinely worried for me if I didn't. Isn't that a reason I should be worried, too? I think so.

Is it hype? Maybe. Probably. The fact that so many people die every year without every death and infection being in the news is a good indication that it's mostly hype. If they could use comparison charts to a normal flu year vs this one would enable us to put it into perspective.



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