We don't go to the movies anymore unless something we really want to see goes to the cheap theaters. Even when I was working full time for decent pay we didn't go very often. The prices are ridiculous to sit in a theatre where someone is either yakking non-stop or kicking the back of my seat or constantly unwrapping candy with noisy wrappers - very slowly during all the quiet suspense moments. The irritation level is too much.

As a result, I didn't see Pirates of the Caribbean until it was on TV Thursday night. I'd read all the reviews and it was highly rated. I've loved Johnny Depp in every role he's ever played. But somehow a movie made from a Disney RIDE seemed like a really stupid idea. A couple of weeks ago he was on Letterman talking about Pirates of the Caribbean II. They'd just finished filming III. I'd skipped going to lab because I was feeling extremely tired. As it turned out, the virus was making a short term comeback. We turned on the TV to find Pirates just starting. I told Eric "I want to watch this. It's supposed to be really good!" He didn't resist. I was very glad I came home instead of going to lab.

I loved it. Maybe we should rent the DVD to see the whole thing without commercials. I've asked him if we could go see II in the cheap theater when it gets there. He said he should have paid closer attention to it. LOL We recorded it, but I'd like to see it uncut.

Yesterday my lungs weren't behaving. They wouldn't let me sleep, yet they didn't give me enough oxygen to study. But my day of rest seems to have worked. The warning wheeze feeling is gone. Instead of sleeping 9.5 hours, I woke up after my usual 6. I'm still tired but at least I don't feel sick. Guess I'd better get myself to Saturday lab to get my work caught up.



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