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We knew when we rescued Freeway from the pound that it might simply be hospice for her. As things turned out, that's exactly what it was.

After a week of trying to get her to do more than taste the many foods offered to her, my mom let me take her to the vet on Saturday. We got the blood test results yesterday. She's dying of advanced kidney disease. We could do daily hydrations to keep her going for a while, but they'd only be postponing the inevitable. My mom and I discussed it. I'm experienced in home hydration but the reality of the situation is she is still refusing to eat. She only has days left, miserable days of pain. Mom is taking her in this afternoon to do the kind thing and help her leave.

She got one extra day the shelter wouldn't have given her. She got 10 days of comfort and love instead of the cold impersonal cage she was in. She has been a total snuggle baby. Mom says she looks at the money spent as a donation she can't take off of her taxes.

Poor Freeway. At least she got love the last 10 days.

Freeway at Mom's Freeway at Mom's
Freeway exchanges blinks with Eric Freeway exchanges blinks with Eric
Freeway snuggles with Mom Freeway snuggles with Mom

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