Sep. 3rd, 2009

Every year we have to start over convincing the neighborhood tomcat that we are trustworthy. Every year we hope to get him to trust us enough to get him neutered. Until two days ago, it looked like we were again going to take a long time just to get to pet him. He flinches and runs away when we try.

The day before yesterday, I was able to pet him a little. Eric was able to pet him a little more in the evening. Last night, I brought rotisserie chicken home for dinner and put the container on the floor for the kitties to enjoy the chicken fat with bits of chicken floating in it. He loved that so much, Eric was able to give him a thorough petting. This morning, he came for breakfast, flinched when I first touched him but didn't run. He flinched less the second pet and then pushed his head up into my hand and purred!

I'll bet I'll be able to pull him onto my blanket-covered lap tonight if I try. Wow! Fastest time from feral to tame ever! Maybe this is the year we can reduce his meanness by neutering him. He is pretty sweet between mating seasons.



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