Aug. 31st, 2009

We celebrated 17 years of marriage on Saturday. Our tradition is to exchange roses as a renewal of our vows. As Eric said from the first year we did it, one is not enough so now we have two dozen beautiful red roses in a vase I gave him last year. It was a good thing I picked his up on Friday because for the first time ever, he forgot. I nearly forgot so I wasn't upset.

Saturday was my appointment to pick up my new computer glasses for the fourth time. This time, I'd asked for a second opinion within their group of three optometrists and got my terminology straightened out. I needed "Close-up reading glasses" and not "Computer glasses". Apparently, the first optometrist couldn't get past my term to understand I needed to focus closer than an arm's length away. This time it was right! YAY!

While I was gone, Eric took one of the 10% off coupons the florist gave me and went off to get my roses. When I got back, I dug a card out that I'd picked up for him years ago that I kept forgetting about. It had two mice snuggling on a beach that said something romantic about love that lasts a lifetime. He showed up with my roses and a card with two middle-aged people on a beach pictured from the neck down saying, "One way or another we still turn heads." lol

We agreed it was too freaking hot to do anything and that we'd actually celebrate on our vacation. Our "anniversary" dinner will be the buffet at Mirage in Las Vegas. :) I think I'll insist on seeing Blue Man Group, too.



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